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Ensenada Downtown


Once you have debarked from the ship look to the left of the gift shop. You will see the rows of buses ready to take you to town. The ride costs $3.00. This is a round trip ticket, so don't lose your stub. Matazlan

You are about 2 blocks from the center of town when you exit the bus. You will be pressured by "tour guides" offering to guide you around the city, which is not necessary .you can stop at Papas and Beer for a refresher or head to the multitude of tourist shops and restaurants Ensenada has to offer.

You can walk to town from the port. It is only 3/4 of a mile each way. There are walkways all the way to town. If you take the Malecon (boardwalk along the shore), there are a few nice restaurants along the way, plus a nice view. cabo_marina

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