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Cabo San Lucas

Cabo El Arco Sunset

Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Cabo San Lucas together with San José del Cabo is known as Los Cabos. The area that connects them that's called The Corridor. Los Cabos (the capes) is a large municipality spanning the East and West Capes at the tip of the state of Baja California Sur. Los Cabos is located 900 miles southeast of San Diego, California.Cabo Mask The Tropic of Cancer crosses the peninsula 50 miles north of Land's End. The two main tourist areas of Los Cabos are Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. In the 1950s, Hollywood celebrities flew down to Cabo in private planes to fish. The two-lane paved highway from Tijuana opened in 1974, and tourists began discovering the secret of Los Cabos.

Cabo San Lucas is the only Mexican port that requires you to be tendered to the harbor. Those with a pre-paid activity are tendered first. for those who are just going for shopping / eating, it can take awhile to get to shore. Once ashore you will be met with an onslaught of vendors and tour guides peddling their wares. While this may be distracting,just remember that for many people, this is there only means of income. I find a quick smile and "no gracias" to work fine. areas surrounding the harbor contains many restaurants and souvenir shops. Once you are out of the marina you will find plenty of small shops selling the usual stuff. while you can haggle with the price, Cabo seems to be more expensive than other ports of call. The most popular place to visit would be Cabo Wabo. A cantina owned by Sammy Hagar offers live rock music, decent food, high quality tequila. while most stops to Cabo are during the day, it is fun to walk around the area and get a bite to eat.

Cabo San Lucas offers all of the activities you would normally find in a coastal tourist destination : snorkeling, sailing, sports fishing, jet skiing, and whale watching (winter months mostly). All boating tours will start or end with a trip by El Arco ( arch landmark) and lover's Beach. For $10.00 per person to can take a water taxi to the beach and explore the area on your own. There are plenty of land tours to help you reach the areas around Cabo San Lucas. One of our favorites is the excursion to Todos Santos and Hotel California. Located to the north, this small artist colony has plenty of old colonial charm. If you want to avoid the crowds and just relax, you will find many of the resorts offer day passes which allow you to use all of the amenities of the resort. Most cruise lines offer a resort activity which includes a mexican buffet.

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