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There is no shortage of hotels and resorts in Cabo San Lucas. Every year we go, new high rises scatter the landscape. While most are only open to vacationers staying for weekends and weeks, some resorts offer day passes. Day passes allow you full access to the pool, exercise and relaxing areas. Most have private beaches with lounges fenced off from the vendors. Cruise lines offer packages that include all you can eat buffet and trnspertation there and back. One resort we tried even opened to rooms for us to shower, change and store items. You can also check resorts yourself to see if they offer day passes but you will need to pay for food, drinks and transportation .

The images in this slide show are from the Casa Dorado Resort located on Medano Beach. This is a 5 star resort with all of the amenities. The Mexican buffet lunch was excelent, as was the service and everything else. I'm sure tour packages to other resorts will offer the same servicescabo_marina

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