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The Golden Zone


The golden zone where you will find most of the tourist hotels, a lot of the fancier restaurants and nightlife.Matazlan The golden zone is located north of Punta Sábalo, where one of the cities most recognizable city attractions is situated, Fiesta Land. Most of the Mazatlan nightlife, hotels and attractions in the golden zone are within walking distance of each other. Mazatlán offers open air cabs that are unique to this area and plentiful. They will take you wherever you want to go in the city very reasonably. As a general rule the taxis in Mazatlán are not to expensive for a resort area. There are plenty of beaches: beaches Camarón, Gaviotas, Sabalo, Bruges and Cerritos, and the beaches on the islands of La Piedra, Chivos, Venados and Los Pájaros. At Playa Gaviotas you can rent surfboards, windsurf, kayaks or try your luck on the parasailing.

From the terminal you can get there by taxi, van or bus via a tour or direct trip. Some people like to take a taxi to the golden Zone, afterwards take an open air cab to the the Mazatlan Cathedral and walk back to the cruise terminal.cabo_marina

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