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El Malecon / Cliff Divers


Stretching from the Golden Zone all the way to Old Town and beyond, Mazatlan's waterfront street, called the Mazatlan, is the heart and life of Mazatlan. As you go north along the Malecón from Olas Altas, you can find many beach front restaurants, discos, night clubs and hotels. Generally, prices are somewhat cheaper than in the Zone, and you are a lot less likely to run into vendors. There are also many of Mazatlan's city monuments and statues scattered along the shoreline.

The most popular area of El Malecon is where the cliff divers are. These divers who have trained all of there lives, dive from from the steep cliffs into very shallow water. they dive every hour or so and have aides collecting money for their performance. and of course, there are tons of other vendors selling their wares. cabo_marina

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