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Boca De Tomatlan

This tour of Puerto Vallarta's southern region takes you from the palms to the pines. At an elevation of more than 2,000 feet, you will visit the 16th century village of El Tuito and soak in its rich history and cooler mountain air. You'll visit beautiful gardens, a traditional bakery, and an organic farm for a delicious lunch set in a refreshing river. El Tutio MarketExperience regional highlights that give you unique insight into the area and the lives of the residents.

Mexico's rich flora inspires the nature lover in us all during educational walks through this botanical wonderland. Colossal strangler figs, survivalist cacti, delicate orchids, and taste bud captivating chocolate are only a few fascinating examples from these diverse collections. See for yourself why this local gem was recently declared, "One of the Top 10 Gardens in North America Worth Travelling For."

Visit pre-Hispanic petroglyphs that are more than 1,200 year old and are still being studied today be historians to determine their meaning. Sample local artesian breads baked in a primitive, hillside, wood fired oven like they were baked for hundreds of years before the arrival of modern ovens.

Stop at an organic farm to relax and enjoy a delicious lunch. Stroll the grounds of this beautiful farm before a savoring delicious BBQ lunch and open bar. Enjoy a guided tour through a rustic house.El Tuito City Center

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