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Snorkel MahauitasTwenty miles south of Puerto Vallarta, Yelapa is so off the radar you can only arrive by boat. The only businesses in town are locally run and include about a dozen beach bars/restaurants and a handful of small hotels. The crescent-shaped stretch of sand straddles jungle and ocean and is lined with lounge chairs, a few umbrellas, and nothing else. lounging in Yelapa Just steps inland are a handful of thatched-roof, al-fresco bars and some swaying hammocks under the palm trees. From anywhere you kick your feet up with Pacifico in hand, you hear the crashing waves and little else.

The first stop is an isolated cove of Majahuitas which is accessible only by boat, making it great for kayaking and snorkeling. After lunch on board, you head towards the traditional fishing village of Yelapa. This tiny community is free of any roads and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. First you will hike through town to the Cola de Caballo waterfalls where you can swim or relax for a bit. After the hike back through the town, you are off to Yelapa's beach. There are plenty of lounge chairs for rent which include waiters to take your drink and food orders. The cruise back to Puerto Vallarta includes an open bar and onboard fiesta with some great music, dancing and entertainment from the crew. Yelapa

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