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Mismaloya Beach

Mismaloya Beach

Mismaloya Beach is located in a small cove, just off of Highway 200, about a thirty minute drive south of Puerto Vallarta. Mismaloya is the location of the set of the movie, The Night of The Iguana, the John Huston film that introduced Puerto Vallarta to the United States. .Mismaloya Beach

Access to the beach is on the south side of the Resort Hotel Barcelo, with a dirt road leading down to the beach. Limited parking is available on this road, as well as refreshments and the traditional tourist traps. Several restaurants are on the beach. There are boat taxis that can take you to more southerly isolated beaches, back to Puerto Vallarta, or for snorkeling trips just off shore. The beach is home to several restaurants and the hotel Barcelo. You can get day passes from the resort. across the highway is the Puerto Vallarta Zoo and El Eden, a restaurant/canopy ride that was the set of the Predator.

Getting to Mismaloya Beach is easy. Find a driver (car or van depending on your group size), tell him you need a ride to the beach, and you will need to be picked up and driven back at a certain time. You can haggle the price to get a better deal. Our last driver even stopped at a few vista points along the way and to the downtown area on the way back. plan to get back to the ship an hour early in case you run into problems, as the ship won't wait for you. Mismaloya Beach Panorama

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